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1914 Lancaster Mobilisation and Morecambe Volunteer Training - page one

Transferred to DVD from the original film footage from 1914.

This DVD features the mobilisation of soldiers in Lancaster at the start of the First World War, a parade to the Regimental Chapel to lay up the battalion's Colours and views of Phoenix Street and the Volunteer Drill Hall.  Soldiers are seen marching to Lancaster Castle Station and their departure to the south of England on 14th August 1914.  A later scene shows members of the 5th Reserve Battalion departing from Lancaster Castle Station at the end of October 1914 and there arrival at Blackpool where they continued to train..  The second part of the film, shot in September and October 1914, features members of the 5th Reserve Battalion, still without issued uniform, drilling in Morecambe.
A fascinating record of how Lancaster and Morecambe, and the 5th Battalion of the King's Own went to war in 1914.
We know that the departure of the 5th King's Own, down Caton Road, from the old Wagon Works to the railway station, was filmed on 14th August and show at the Hippodrome in Lancaster on 29th August, 1914.
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The title page and two soldiers at Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster.  These are likely to be reservists who have been recalled from the Army Reserve for war service.  Some of the scenes at the barracks are known to have been filmed on 8th August 1914.

Troops march away from Phoenix Street and the Battalion's Colours on parade, prior to them being laid up in the Regimental Chapel, 5th August 1914.

Horse drawn carts carry some of the battalion's equipment whilst soldiers arrive at Lancaster Castle Station.  This was filmed on 14th August 1914 as the 5th Battalion left for Didcot where they would guard the Great Western Railway.

Soldiers arrive at Lancaster Castle Station, 14th August 1914..

More images of the 1914 Lancaster Mobilisation and Morecambe Volunteer Training  - page two

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